A bird came to visit and allowed me to pick her up.

I received my first Initiation over 30 years ago in an intensive month long ritual and testing. I have walked the Path ever since and had the good fortune of wise, vigilant, and at times, ruthless teachers. I have studied many techniques, engaged in various intensive practices, spent extended periods in the wilderness. Now I teach energy cultivation, natural earth magic and self awareness.

Much of our learned Western social belief/behavior is a hindrance in understanding the Way, which is elusive and subtle like a twilight breeze. It is necessary to both learn and unlearn, to form new leaves in spring, and drop old ones off in autumn. There is a vast world of mystery and magic within and behind the veneer of intellect and social conditioning. Today, the intellect has become distorted and ingrown… Unable to see clearly, pushed and pulled by conflicting ideas and conditioned behaviors, scattered and confused. The intellect has reached a dead end and a new approach is needed. To remain humble, is to remain open, not knowing, receptive to new seeing and to being shaped anew by the wise hands of Life.

The voices of the earth, the trees, the plants, animals and the wise ones are calling on people to open their ears and eyes, to rediscover their living connection and place in the broader community of nature, to free themselves from the insanity gripping the society and learn, to grow and flower into warriors of the spirit. The challenge of our times is total.

I am writing this to reach young people who have some empathic talent and who are passionate to learn the real stuff… about inner wisdom, earth magic and nature spirits… who are humble and love trees, animals, growing plants and wild places. Anyone who has a sincere interest to learn and study is welcome to ask questions or seek teaching.