Life Finds Its Own Fulfillment

A small patch on the side of the road

I was on my way to catch a bus when I saw these lovely blue flowers growing in a small patch of ‘weeds’. I went back later that day with my camera to take a few photos. That small exuberant patch is six square feet of untended wild ecosystem. In it are a half dozen different plants including grass, clover and wild lettuce along with various insects and critters living down in the soil. The plants are growing vigorously and 3 different species are flowering… all in a broad, dry field of cement, asphalt, oil residue and vehicle exhaust. There is a constant stream of vehicles in four lanes of traffic on one side, an even larger main thoroughfare on another. On a third side is a quarter acre of asphalt as part of a gas station. What an inhospitable and exposed location for this little patch of growing stuff!

Life Finds Its Own Fulfillment

Beauty offered for all to see

Even so, under the difficult circumstances, these exquisite blue flowers managed to flourish, bloom and find their fulfillment. What a beautiful color and complex, delicate structure! Though it is a hard environment, the plant has not been turned against itself. It knows its own nature and all its energies go towards its own purpose. It does not know self doubt or get caught in wishing things were other than they are. It does not blame itself for that which it has no control over. It does not carry the burden of the modern mind, with its complex and discordant layers of conditioned patterns. Such patterns are a profound hinderance to the free flow of Life energy.

What a marvel it is! This simple plant, a weed to most people, can offer such beauty for the eye to see and the fragrance of freedom to learn from.