“The only way to find your true self is by recklessness and freedom.”

Brenda Ueland

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Life Finds Its Own Fulfillment

I was on my way to catch a bus when I saw these lovely blue flowers growing in a small patch of ‘weeds’. I went back later that day with my camera to take a few photos. That small exuberant patch is six square feet of untended wild ecosystem. In it are a...
Nature’s Community

Nature’s Community

The whole of existence is a flowing energetic stream that is self renewing and regenerating. In contrast to the common perception of an inert mechanical universe, creative, intelligent potential is its very essence. Sometimes, when you have a stream flowing through...

Patterns in Nature

Human society is a highly abstracted representation overlayed on top of vibrational reality. These conceptual abstractions attempt to mimic that vibrational reality. Yet just as a photograph is an inaccurate representation of a tiny slice of the full energetic...