“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

J. Krishnamurti


A Walk in the Wilds

The spirits of Nature are all around, if we have the eye to see

Spirits of Nature are all around, if we’ve the eye to see

It had been a few months since I had been to the woods. The daily activity had kept me occupied and living without a car makes it less likely to just go spontaneously. Now a friend had wanted to go out to learn something of the forest and the nature, animal and plant spirits. I had spoken with her a number of times about Druidry but this was her first time to be out in the forest without a group of people, music, reading material or constant activity planned. It is a different thing to go out on the spirit quest and she was enthusiastic about this new experience.

We arrived at a suitable spot to park the car. It was miles into a forest service road and there was no sound of human activity other than the occasional airplane far overhead. It was mid-afternoon and the air was very still. My friend was somewhat agitated. I could feel the grip of the conditioned social vibrations causing her to feel uncomfortable with the silence and thus hurried. She was anxious to get going, but I had us wait by the car and drink a bit of water and talk for a couple minutes while we burned some herbal incense. We spoke about moving respectfully in the forest, about stepping carefully so as not to damage plants unnecessarily, about not making excess noise and disrupting the creatures living there. Even a handful of minutes outside with the trees all around is enough for the energies of the forest to start working at the knots of social tension. The words faded away and the energy was calmer. It was time to go.Continue Reading…


The Pagan Spirit in Modern Times

The human mind has come to a pivot point. Our internal thinking process is disconnected from the rhythms of Nature. Our outer life, the physical existence, is also disconnected from Nature. This has pushed the psyche to become ingrown, incestuous, and to a significant extent unrelated to the diverse patterns and vibrations of the Life around.

To this person’s eye, we have changed the clothes enough. These times require an actual transformation. We function almost entirely in the realm of the intellect, image and presentation. Adopting new ideas and beliefs is like changing the channel on the television. The energies and electrical fields the electronic box itself puts out do not change regardless of which channel is viewed. Sitting in front of the TV all day is unhealthy. It does not matter what the channel is. Likewise, in understanding oneself directly, firsthand, it does not matter what the set of ideas and beliefs are that one carries around. What is needed today, is a measure of freedom from the intellectual process itself.Continue Reading…